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Download From NJPW World

LetMeAtIt Lite - Downloading from NJPW World

LetMeAtIt allows you to download the VOD content at the touch of a button. Well, it's more like three the first time, but who's counting?

It couldn't be easier, all you have to do is:

  1. Copy the video page URL and paste it in the top box
  2. Type or use the button to pick where to save the video in the bottom box
  3. Click Go!

And that's it, you can then get on with doing something else while LetMeAtIt downloads the many parts and then hands off to FFMPEG to paste them all together.


At least Windows 7 is required. As is .Net 2.0, but as that installed by default on Windows Vista and above its practically a non-requirement. On Windows 8 and above, Windows will automatically pop up the installer when you try and run the program for the first time if you don't already have it.

It should also work on other non-Windows implementations of .Net like Mono that support .Net 2.0 or higher & Winforms applications. A version of Mono that can make TLS1.2 connections is required, so 4.8 or higher. An install or symlink of FFMPEG or AVCONV in /usr/bin or /usr/local/bin is also required - alternatively an exported "FFMPEG" environment variable that points to such


The download comes as a standard zip file. On Windows, you can extract this by right clicking on the file and selecting Extract All. Then just click on LetMeAtIt.exe (the Earth/blue+green icon), in the extracted folder.

Download now (19.8 MB)
MD5: 63c91630daf0cb72f807ea3b3cd1d868
SHA256: f531b00c8e9afb8c4ce57c3326e9c380b6393c652e0475782fcf416aa47e8cec
This is the same download as on the other 'Download From...' pages, you do not need to download all of them.



You can upgrade to the full version of LetMeAtIt using the button that appears before downloading starts. Pick your desired upgrade options from the box and click the button.

Alternatively you can visit

Amongst other things, the upgrade allows you to add downloads of whole sections of WWE Network and ImpactPlus in one copy operation. It also supports downloading arbitrary sections of the videos (for instance, the first 10 minutes or minutes 30 to 45, etc)

The upgrade version also allows you to download from Twitch, Youtube, Dailymotion, and Facebook videos amongst others as well as using it as a normal resumable download manager for non-video files.

Do I Need a NJPW World Subscription?

It should go without saying, but for the avoidance of doubt:

This does not allow you to hack the NJPW servers or otherwise gain access to content you could not access normally. If you have a free account, you'll only be able to download the free videos. To access all the videos, you'll need a paid subscription, but that's ok because it's only 999 yen.