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Boost C++ Libraries - x64

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Boost is a set of open source libraries to facilitate the development of C++ software.

The files here are prebuilt archives of the libraries for use with Visual Studio. Unlike the BoostPro distributions which are 32-bit only, the files here contain the headers, libs, and dlls for 64-bit versions for Windows. These files are simple self extracting archives. You do not need any internet connection after downloading the files, nor any additional software to install.

Note that these libraries are provided for convenience purposes only, any problems or bugs encountered whilst using the boost files should be directed towards

The downloads contain only the versioned set of libs, run the CreateSymlinks.cmd batch file included in the download to create the unversioned file names.

Visual Studio 2008

Boost 1.45 (46.8 MB. Contains only headers, libs and dlls)
MD5: d8045cede6f89e75309579fd3f544147
SHA1: a7404af4f9339d7b9cc263084276d71ed7181920
CRC32: 4184a031

Boost 1.46.1 (81.8 MB)
MD5: 1f2a2e8254c657f149cf39148291ac99
SHA1: 0c7abbe56ad2a03d26cec1e08afee4ef975e96a2
CRC32: 60d76e18.

Boost 1.47.0 (88.3 MB 7zip archive)
MD5: 601e8220737542181b278a88b65aec95
SHA1: bfb458eb5bc8e5617768639000df9e5b4d142d06
CRC32: 077e03dc

Boost 1.49.0 (57.4 MB 7zip archive)
MD5: 5c938090a21dc100f052aa5d86cb5d0f
SHA1: 01ea31600e2bb3e8d1f3bc8cd3560330ffa33149
CRC32: 1acf4bc5

Visual Studio 2010

Boost 1.45 (43.6 MB. Contains only headers, libs and dlls)
MD5: e13585048cacaf414d8f712c7e7df79a
SHA1: 8e7155c51b42ae3d2b858b8f0c2fdcf53b680287
CRC32: eabb6bb7

Boost 1.46.1 (78.8 MB)
MD5: a9493a318775fcecd94634be123264a0
SHA1: 0ce5ee387b1b48a07f41697bcb2933a7716c19a3
CRC32: 2dcd84a4

Boost 1.47.0 (85.2 MB 7zip archive)
MD5: acc2290ffa85fdcf3f5caa8a67c1e0a7
SHA1: c10e5ebe65a49e658a94b8492d0ef96ae7df843f
CRC32: 29759184

Boost 1.49.0 (53.3 MB 7zip archive)
MD5: e0a281c29ecbbcfd2160a0526ec3dcfb
SHA1: dceb6bdae685bf9de51a30d8d0b0580c749f069c
CRC32: f672c032

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