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WindowWatcher Help - Operation


Welcome to WindowWatcher's help pages. To navigate the sections, use the above menu. On this operations page, you'll learn how to operate WindowWatcher, move it around the screen and its keyboard shortcuts.

Apart from looking at the contents of a window, WindowWatcher allows you to interact with it just like you would if you were using that window directly. The view will repond to mouse moves, mouse clicks and scroll wheels as well as keyboard presses. You can focus in on specific parts of the window by right-clicking on WindowWatcher and selecting Zoom In from the menu.

To enhance the viewing experience, WindowWatcher doesn't have a titlebar like normal windows. To get the menu that would appear if you right clicked on it tap Left Alt and press or right-click on the taskbar preview as shown below.

Taskbar preview menu

Picking which window to display is a simple matter of finding the desired window from the grid and selecting it. If your computer settings are set for single click selection, you only need click once on the icon to select (this is the left picture below). If they are set for double-click selection, you can either double click on the icon or click it once and click OK (the right picture below).

Choose a Window in one clickChoose a Window in two clicks

The list of windows is loosely based on the current display order with the open ones at the top with the more hidden ones further down. The list updates itself every two seconds so recently opened or closed ones will be reflected in that time. The list also only displays those that can be controlled. If the desired window isn't in the list, see Why isn't an open window showing up in the selection list?

The donate link allows you to support further development of WindowWatcher and other products by way of much appreciated financial thanksgiving.

There are a couple of different ways to move WindowWatcher around the screen.
Using the keyboard:

Ctrl OR Alt and : Move window up
Ctrl OR Alt and : Move window down
Ctrl OR Alt and : Move window left
Ctrl OR Alt and : Move window right

Alternatively, for a freer sense of movement you can hold Alt and left-click and hold to move the window around with your mouse.

There are also a couple of ways to resize the window dimension while keeping the aspect ratio of the contents. The easiest way is to click on the border of the window and move the mouse to the desired size. You can also use the keyboard:

Shift and OR Shift and : Reduce window size
Shift and OR Shift and : Increase window size

Alt, Shift and OR Alt, Shift and : Reduce window size
Alt, Shift and OR Alt, Shift and : Increase window size
Ctrl, Shift and +: Start the zoom in process
Ctrl, Shift and -: Zoom out
Ctrl, Shift and : Move window
Ctrl and Right mouse button: Simulate right click in view window
Middle mouse button: Simulate right click in view window
F1: Show Quick Command List
Alt and F4: Close window