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TwitchDL lets you download past broadcasts and highlights from Some download sites will choke or flat out refuse to download the newer type of Twitch broadcast (those with a /v/ URL) because they're split up into 30 second videos. Even if they do give you the list, you don't want to be manually downloading many hundreds of videos, that's madness.

That's where TwitchDL comes in! It was created specifically so that didn't have to be done and also so that installing Python wasn't required to use somebody's command line script. TwitchDL can grab the standard format FLV videos if there's any of those left (those with /b/ and /c/ in their URLs) as well as the newer format MPEG4 TS /v/ or /videos/ ones, making for a complete solution. It can also combine the separate parts into one video so you don't have to keep 700 video files laying around.

For the /v/ and /videos/ format URLs (which is practically all of them nowadays), the Output as MPEG4-TS option will combine all the small TS video parts into one large TS file without any remuxing or re-encoding whatsoever, i.e. the raw broadcast in one file. When not checked, the large TS file is remuxed into an MP4 container via FFMPEG. In either case, no re-encoding of the source contents is done.


.Net 2.0 is required, but as it's installed by default on Vista and above it's practically a non-requirement. If you're on XP and don't have it installed, the URLs for the required installers are in the readme.


The download contains the app. It requires 7Zip to extract. If you want proper MP4 videos instead of the .ts ones, download the 'with FFMPEG' version, otherwise the smaller download will suffice.

Download (with FFMPEG) (8.9 MB)
MD5: c9bb9eb870c9a244e5440956a941af7c
SHA1: f41cbb7fdc0487017c547687d6e051c127b8db23
CRC32: 6f45c861

Download (without FFMPEG) (204 KB)
MD5: 6a0884b13f1c06551a60fe1ff4407c6e
SHA1: 42c3081b504f81a22030f435086b33f6cc15c30b
CRC32: 50efa621

Last updated: 28 Jan 2017

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