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LetMeAtIt Build 91/92 & WWE Unblocker

By admin - Posted on 16 January 2022

If you've updated and want to stop this page appearing everytime you start 1.9, please delete WWEUSHelper in the plugins directory.

Update to LetMeAtIt 2.0

In order to continue using the WWE Network Unblocker after the 28th January 2022, you need to update to LetMeAtIt 2.0 if you're using version 1.9.

If you don't have the Unblocker (this is a monthly subscription product) you don't need to do anything

You can tell which version you have by going to Help menu -> About LetMeAtit.
If it looks like the one on the top, you need to update, see below for how. If it looks like the one on the bottom, you don't need to do anything.

LetMeAtIt 1.9 Build 91/92 or lower - Needs Update
LetMeAtIt 2.0 - No Action Necessary

To update, download LetMeAtIt 2.0 from the link below and unzip it into a new directory. Don't unzip it into any existing LetMeAtIt files, as mixing 1.9 and 2.0 version files will cause it to crash.

If double clicking LetMeAtIt doesn't work after unzipping, you may need to install Microsoft .Net Framework 4.7.2 first by double clicking the net472installer file in the unzipped directory.

When 2.0 starts for the first time, enter your Unblock account details into the 'LMAI Account' details window. These are the ones you use to log in to the Subscription Portal. If you've forgotten the details you created, click Forgot your password? here.

Please note: Only your Unblocker access will tranfer to 2.0. If you have other upgrades for LetMeAtIt 1.9, you'll need to keep using that version to use them. However, this marks the start of the transition away from 1.9 for reasons gives below. If you need to keep using 1.9. please delete WWEUSHelper in the plugins folder to stop this page opening every time you start the app

Why This Is Happening

LetMeAtIt 1.9 is written in technology that is over 20 years old and as such, fewer and fewer companies are providing their tools and websites in a way that is compatible with that technology. Without these tools, being able to use and integrate with their site, whether for downloading or to provide services like the Unblocker, becomes increasingly difficult. And it's a trend that will only get harder as time progresses.

LetMeAtIt 2.0 has been rewritten in a much more modern technology where this isn't a problem.

The 1.9 Unblocker service will signal this access denied error all day on Monday 24th January in preparation

Why Isn't This A Normal Update

  • Mixing 1.9 and 2.0 files will cause crashes, and the updater has no capacity to delete files
  • As such, 1.9 plugin files can't be used with 2.0. If you have any non-Unblocker upgrades, this would remove your access to them. And new 1.9 zips are no longer available
  • 2.0 is written in a more modern technology which may require installation first. The updater can't run anything except LetMeAtIt, which then won't work if you need the technology installed.
  • While not recommended, 1.9 would run on XP & Vista. 2.0 won't, at all.