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AudRecordLib is an audio recording and capture library for Windows Vista and up. It gathers audio samples from either an output device, like speakers, or an input device such as a microphone and are passes them to the Windows Media runtime to convert them into either WMA files, network streams, or for applications to do as they wish with the data.


The library makes use of WASAPI to capture the audio and enumerate the devices. The library and its managed wrapper are Event Tracing for Windows (ETW) event providers, along with debugger text output, messages regarding serious and continuable errors are delivered on two seperate channels which can be enabled indepently, together, or not at all.


Binaries are available in the download, but to build AudRecordLib for yourself will require a Windows SDK that can target Windows Vista, boost, and a C++ compiler that can accept Visual Studio's SSE intrinsics.


Comprehensive annotations of the source code of the native library and its C++/CLI wrapper are viewable from here or the link above. This is the developer documentation set which covers all existant functions and classes, a set of documentation covering only client facing code can be generated using the instructions on the index page.


All code is made available under the MIT license, meaning you're free to do almost anything you want with it.


The download includes x86 and x64 binaries and annotated source code to the native AudRecordLib and its managed wrapper AudRecordCLI. Also included is the source to three example applications, one written in C, one in C++ and one in C#. A copy of the documentation is also included.

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