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Most programs for Windows output their sounds and audio to the default adapter. Most of the time this is good enough. If you have multiple audio adapters outputs though, it quickly becomes a nightmare.

It's a fact that most programs don't have options for you to change where they output audio, so if you want to make one program go to the computer speakers while another goes to your media center you're pretty much stuck.

Changing the default adapter, running the program then changing the default back doesn't always work since again, lots of apps 'follow' the default around. So to counteract this, ChangeTheChannel.

How's it Work?

ChangeTheChannel works by limiting the audio devices an application can see and use to a single device you choose that is always considered the default. It also does the same for audio input devices though this is less frequently required.

After starting the program, you'll see all audio output devices on your computer in the top box, and the audio input devices in the bottom box. Just select which devices you want to the program to use, click the 'Select Program' button to find the application, add any additional arguments in the bottom box (if you don't know what these are, leave it blank), then click 'Run' to start the program. That's it. The program should now be restricted to the devices you selected.


.Net 2.0 is required, but as its installed by default on Windows Vista and above its practically a non-requirement. On Windows 8 and above, Windows will automatically pop up the installer when you try and run the program if you don't already have it.

This tool doesn't work on Windows XP. It also doesn't work on Mono since it uses native code to enumerate audio devices.


The download comes as a standard 7zip file. Just unzip and click on ChangeTheChannel.exe

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