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If you want to rename a dll but still be able to link with it, you have to update the import library. A hex editor will do the job is the new name is the same length as the old one, but if it's not, you need to completely regenerate the file.

If you're in a position to build the dll from source, then you just change the output filename, an easy job. If you can't however, then you have to manually make a new def file, contort it this way and that, pass it to the linker, basically a lot of faffing for what should be a simple task.

Now you don't have to. Give DefLibCreator a dll and out pops a def and import libraries for both Visual Studio and gcc (MinGW).


Download the zip below, extract the files, then in a command prompt run the deflibcreator exe telling it which dll:

C:\Users\Adrian\Files>deflibcreator.exe dbghelp.dll .\outputDir
DefLibCreator v1.0 -

Creating C:\Users\Adrian\Files\deflibcreator\outputdir\dbghelp.def...
Creating 64-bit libs...

The last argument can be omitted. If so, output flows into current directory.

The created import libraries are of the same bitness as the input file. E.g. if the dll is a 64-bit one, the output will be 64-bit libs. Note that creation of 64-bit MinGW libs requires you to be running a 64-bit version of Windows.


The download contains the source and binary of deflibcreator.exe. Also in the package are 32 and 64-bit versions of dlltool.exe and as.exe from MinGW (to create GCC import libraries) and 32-bit link.exe from VC2005 (to create both types of Visual Studio libraries)

Download now (2.50 MB)
MD5: 7aa1a742ce3dc2714929f139330d867f
SHA1: b48e9742106fe502458002c428df48d2c2475b93
CRC32: ae3e09c0