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GTVolTools is a collection of five apps that will:

  • Extract all files from and create new GT2.VOL files for the various Gran Turismo 2 game discs and demos (GTVolTool)
  • Create and edit menu foregrounds (GMCreator)
  • Convert bmp, jpg and png to GT2 Image formats (GT2ImageConverter)
  • Replace files in Iso/bin files (IsoFileReplace)
  • Extract various bits of data from the game for easier human consumption (GT2DataExploder).

Unlike the original GT2Vol.exe program, these tools are both open source and supports the VOL files from the various demos. GTVolTool will also now explode the much simpler Gran Turismo 2000 VOLs (tested on PAPX-90203), and the various demos and final versions of Gran Turismo 3 and Gran Turismo Concept. However none of these new formats can be rebuilt yet.

GT2DataExploder only supports retail Gran Turismo 2 versions because the data format in the demo versions is a bit different. That doesn't matter though, since this tool is not generally useful. Most of the information it outputs is available in human readable form on my GT2 site


Download the zip below and extract the files. Then just click on GTVolToolGUI and you're good to go. If you prefer the command line instead, GTVolTool is the command line version of the GUI. Both do the same thing, but the command line program can output a list of file sizes/locations in the VOL, to make single file replacement easier. Command line usage is as follows:

Gran Turismo 2/2K/3 VOL File Exploder/Rebuilder - http;//

Usage: GTVolTool.exe -e2(xplode GT2) C:\\Path\\To\\GT2.Vol OutputDir <-u> OR
       GTVolTool.exe -r2(ebuild GT2) C:\\Path\\To\\explodedVol NewVolFile <-r> O
       GTVolTool.exe -e3(xplode GT3) C:\\Path\\To\\GT3.vol OutputDir <-u> OR
       GTVolTool.exe -l3(list GT3) C:\\Path\\To\\GT3.Vol OR
       GTVolTool.exe -e2k(xplode GT2000) C:\\Path\\To\\GT2K.Vol OutputDir
For -e2 and -e3
The last argument is optional and can be anything. If specified,
any gzip archives (those files ending in .gz) will be decompressed
into a 'decomp' folder within the folder where the .gz file is.
For -r2
The last argument is optional and can be anything. If specified,
files in any 'decomp' child directories will be compressed and have .gz
added to their filename before being inserted
This explodes a GT2000 VOL. Only tested on PAPX-90203. It does not support GT3.
This outputs a list of the entries in a GT3.vol and their filesize/offset.
This is primarily useful if you just want to replace one file without
going through the entire explode - replace - rebuild process

GT2DataExploder on the other hand is command line only. It's usage is as follows:

Usage: GT2DataExploder C:\Path\To\Extracted\Vol.Files OutputDir Label

Extracts data from various decompressed Gran Turismo 2 files into tabbed text
files suitable for importing into a database etc. If present in the vol,
it will parse ENG, USA, and JP data. Other European language data isn't used.
Note that this tool WILL NOT WORK ON DEMO versions, the file data is
formatted differently.

Example: GT2DataExploder C:\GT2\PalVol C:\GT2\PalVolData PalVol


There are downloads for both the C#/C++ source code and of the tools. Most tools requires the .Net Framework 2.0 to run. This is included with or automatically installed by every Windows since Vista. For anyboody still on XP without .Net 2, the 32-bit installer is here and the XP64 installer is here

The source code is distributed under the MIT License

The tools are available from here (688 KB)

You can also find the source code for all the tools on Github

An tutorial on using GMCreator to make a simple menu is available on youtube:

Game Information

Various bits of information dumped directly from the game as well as an upgrade calculator can be found on my GT2 site