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Shared Connection Simulator

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What It Does

SCS is a simple command line tool which creates as many unique connections to a Windows shared resource as required. The tool creates as many user accounts as connections that are required on the target host, logs on and impersonates them then establishes the connections. When that's finished, you press enter and all the work is undone.

How To Work It

Usage: scs <\\Comp\Resource>
Where is a base 10 number for the number of connections and
<\\Comp\Resource> is the network resource to connect to

Note, to work properly when targeting computers running Windows XP, the local security policy must have users authenticating as themselves rather than as the Guest account.
To verify this, run secpol.msc, expand Local Policies in the tree and select Security Options. Scroll down the main list to "Network Access: Sharing and security model for local accounts", this value must be set to Classic and not to Guest Only.


The zip archive includes the executable tool and the C++ source code, licensed under the MIT License. It demonstrates Windows API techniques for establishing and tearing down network connections, creating and deleting user accounts, and how to establish different security contents using a single user account.

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scs - Showing the Windows XP 10 Connection Limit