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These products are tools and programs developed and distributed by Airesoft. Currently available are the following:

  1. Desktop Heap Monitor - Query the usage of the Windows desktop heap
  2. QueryDACL - Investigate the security of Windows securable objects
  3. MsgHookLister - Displays pending window messages, thread information and active hooks
  4. AudRecord - Audio recording and capture library for Windows
  5. Chroot - A Windows version of the Linux tool
  6. DefLibCreator - Simple tool to create import libraries and def files from dll/exes
  7. DisAsm - Quick command line disassembler
  8. GT2VolExploder - Extracts files and folders from Gran Turismo 2 VOL Files
  9. Shared Connection Simulator - Simulates a number of unique user network connections to a resource

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