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WindowWatcher Help - Right Click Menu


Welcome to WindowWatcher's help pages. To navigate the sections, use the above menu. On this Right-Click Menu page, you'll, unsurprisingly, find what the options in the pictured right click menu do.

Default, On state:
With this option selected, WindowWatcher will stay visible when you start interacting with other parts of the screen.

Off state:
Disabled, Windowwatcher will obey normal rules and be hidden underneath other windows when you interact with them. You can click the spyglass taskbar button to bring it back into view.

This option allows to watch a different window to the one you initially selected. Any zooming that was active will be removed and WindowWatcher will resize itself to the new aspect ratio.

Allows you to create additional viewing windows so you can watch multiple windows at once, or have multiple views of the same window. Selecting this displays the Choose Window window before creating another view.

After selecting the menu option, you're prompted to select one corner of the zoom rectangle. Click to confirm, then move the mouse until the rectangle you desire is highlighted and click again. You can continually zoom in until you achieve the view you want.

You can also start the zooming in process with the Ctrl, Shift and + key combination.

To cancel the zoom in process simply right click.

Undoes the last zoom-in command. If several zooms have taken place, several zoom outs will be required to get back to the whole view

You can also zoom out by pressing the Ctrl, Shift and - key combination.

Opens the settings page displayed below. What these settings control is described in the Settings section.

Settings Window

Displays information about the product and provides links to this help and the main Airesoft website. The display is shown below.

About Window

Launches an internet browser and points it at the overview help web page. This option requires an active internet connection.

Minimizes the window to the task bar. This is provided as a shortcut to both normal methods of minimizing windows which can be difficult to activate when dealing with multiple view windows.

Destroys the view window and exits the program if there are no more view windows active.