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BlastoUt is a simple command line tool which can extract the files from the various Blasto.dat files found on various Blasto PlayStation game discs. I haven't tested it with the demos that are floating around but I don't see why it shouldn't work unless they changed the pak format mid format


Download the zip below, extract the files, then in a command prompt run BlastoUt giving it the vol and where to extract the files to. It will then list the files contained within, where they start and their size.

C:\Users\Adrian\Files>BlastoUt.exe I:\Blasto.dat .\DatContents\
Blasto.dat File Exploder - http;//

Found file LEVEL1\ANIMDAT.STE at offset 0x0, size 56
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\AM01.VH at offset 0x38, size 10272
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\AM01.VHB at offset 0x2858, size 38208
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\AM02.VH at offset 0xbd98, size 5664
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\AM02.VHB at offset 0xd3b8, size 23392
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\AM03.VH at offset 0x12f18, size 5664
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\AM03.VHB at offset 0x14538, size 36672
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\AMFX.VH at offset 0x1d478, size 13856
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\AMFX.VHB at offset 0x20a98, size 106976
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\AMVT.VH at offset 0x3ac78, size 3616
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\AMVT.VHB at offset 0x3ba98, size 32368
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\BABE.MMD at offset 0x43908, size 18236
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\BABE.VH at offset 0x48044, size 10272
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\BABE.VHB at offset 0x4a864, size 199008
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\BD01.VH at offset 0x7b1c4, size 3616
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\BD01.VHB at offset 0x7bfe4, size 20720
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\BL01.VH at offset 0x810d4, size 14368
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\BL01.VHB at offset 0x848f4, size 67888
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\CAVERNS.MMD at offset 0x95224, size 95197
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\CAVERNS.VH at offset 0xac604, size 10272
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\CAVERNS.VHB at offset 0xaee24, size 196976
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\CITY.MMD at offset 0xdef94, size 93849
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\CITY.VH at offset 0xf5e30, size 10272
Found file LEVEL1\AUDIO\CITY.VHB at offset 0xf8650, size 199008
... etc

After listing the contents, it will then proceed to extract the files. If the destination directory or any sub directories do not exist, they will be created.

C:\Users\Adrian\Files>BlastoUt.exe I:\Blasto.dat .\DatContents\
Extracted MODULES\BUZZ.GP from DAT
Finished writing 9376 bytes of MODULES\BUZZ.GP
Extracted MODULES\DAVE.GP from DAT
Finished writing 60 bytes of MODULES\DAVE.GP
Finished writing 9760 bytes of LEVEL1\TIM\FRONTEND\S_BKNOB2.TIM
Finished writing 27152 bytes of MODULES\DYLAN.GP
Finished writing 1984 bytes of MODULES\LEVELS.GP
Extracted MODULES\MATT.GP from DAT
Finished writing 121588 bytes of MODULES\MATT.GP
Finished writing 66080 bytes of LEVEL1\TIM\BGROUNDS\SPORT2.TIM
Extracted XA\MAINDIAG.XH from DAT
Finished writing 228 bytes of XA\MAINDIAG.XH
Finished writing 82272 bytes of MODULES\PATHS.GP
Extracted XA\CANNED.XH from DAT
Finished writing 140 bytes of XA\CANNED.XH
Extracted MODULES\MENU.GP from DAT
Finished writing 508 bytes of MODULES\MENU.GP
Finished writing 9760 bytes of LEVEL1\TIM\FRONTEND\S_BKNOB3.TIM
Finished writing 31680 bytes of MODULES\CHARDEF.GP


The download contains the source and binary of BlastoUt.exe. Unlike most other things on this site, the program is written in C# and therefore requires .Net Framework 2.0. If you have an anyway decent/recent computer, you probably have it. Windows 7 and 8 include it automatically. If it doesn't run, that'll be what you need.

The source code is distributed under the MIT License

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MD5: f6787e2b23c761be1ce1a6cf4e04f000
SHA1: 52863a344db664b15b42100596f4a6c08f19713f
CRC32: dec83f77


Just to head off any questions, I have no interest in making one myself. However, the source code implicitly documents the very simple dat file structure (except for the separating line between directories) so creating new dat files is just a matter of reversing the exploding process. You or anyone else is free to use any parts of the code which may help them create such a tool, but again I will not be.