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DisAsm for Windows. It's not IDA or HIEW, it's not meant to be. But for an 'objdump -d' like, minimum fuss tool that can disassemble the three most common architectures plus a bit more besides, and is completely independent of Visual Studio to boot, it's a perfectly acceptable tool.


Usage: disasm module [Function] [options]

Where module is a Windows PE File (exe, dll, ocx, sys, scr, etc)

[Function] is an optional argument specifying a single function to show the disassembly of. If you don't provide a function name, the contents of all PE sections marked as code or executable is shown.

[options] are optional and modify the disassembly output -b Adds the raw code bytes alongside the instruction that it makes up -l Adds the line number of the source file alongside the assembly (requires private symbols) -f Adds the file name of the source file alongside the assembly (requires private symbols)

There is no separate option for file output. All output is via stdout, so redirect that if you need a file.

Sample Output

Even though disasm is only a 32-bit program, it can handle disassembling 64-bit code with no problems.

F:\Projects\Disassembler\Release>disasm failwailx64.dll WinLib::StrSafeTraits^<char^>::VariadicPrint

00000000`00301920 mov     qword ptr [rsp+18h],r8
00000000`00301925 mov     qword ptr [rsp+20h],r9
00000000`0030192a sub     rsp,28h
00000000`0030192e lea     r9,[rsp+48h]
00000000`00301933 movsxd  rdx,edx
00000000`00301936 call    failwailx64!RtlStringCchVPrintfA (00000000`00301820)
00000000`0030193b add     rsp,28h
00000000`0030193f ret

Here's the output of the tool when fed the x86 host.exe file included in the download, with the show code bytes option:

F:\Projects\Disassembler\Release>disasm host.exe -b
00021000 ff1500204000    call    dword ptr [host_400000!_imp__DebugBreak (00402000)]
00021006 33c0            xor     eax,eax
00021008 c3              ret


The download contains binaries only. DisAsm.exe is the main program, host.exe is used internally by the program and dbgeng to facilitate the disassembly, it does nothing by itself. The other dll's are updated versions of the built-in Debugging Tools for Windows modules.

XP SP2 is the lowest supported system. This is due to XP SP0/1 having a bug in WriteProcessMemory which makes it only work with executable memory, which DisAsm doesn't use.

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